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​Cincy Home Builders Direct is operated by The Koehler Group and its agents have Ohio Real Estate Licenses held by 
Comey & Shepherd Realtors.

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Home Buyers

​About Us

Getting the right  Financing

Cincy Home Builders Direct has over 27 years of experience working with residential new construction. We use our expertise to help people have a more satisfying home building experience. We achieve this by keeping you well-informed of the building process and its details. As well as your options throughout in coordinating this process. 

Why Cincy Home Builders Direct?

Building a home may be your largest purchase and project ever. Cincy Home Builder Direct works with you as your professional liason, that helps you through the entire home building process from choosing the right builder, subdivision, lot or acreage. Along with home design, selections, contract negotiations, and financing. We coordinate these parts to help you have a more satisfying home building experience.   

The expert guidance of Cincy Home Builders Direct can make all the difference in building a new home as easily as buying an existing property. In many cases, our clients only have to make one move from their existing home into their new home. 


Home Sellers

"I want to build a new home. How do I know which home builder is right for  me?"


"I want a new home built in a desirable area. Where can I build?" 

Selling Your Home

Choosing the right Builder

"I'm ready for a new home but I have another home to sell first. What are my options?"


Finding Property 

"How do I know what the best financing options are for building a home?"